Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Year, 2017 ~ New Blog with a Healthy Serving of Greens!

The beginning of a year can be time for new ventures!  My last blog was under my former domain name which expired without my awareness, but mostly due to my neglect.  This gives an opportunity to begin fresh with a squeaky clean new outlook, right?

I find my work is going through a "green period".  Probably influenced by the wonderful greens I am missing from the Northwest.   My artist-child spirit needed to purchase four ivies for my studio!  It was an obsession I had to fulfill!  Now I am carefully tending them to keep them healthy and alive. 

My drafting table is covered with a lovely green floral print, covered with clear heavy vinyl.  Also sitting on the top of the corner hutch is a gorgeous 55+ year old Christmas cactus that belonged to my fraternal Grandmother!  It bloomed profusely over the holidays!

You can see items that were set up on my table for a very green still life, too!

The picture below shows the kind of winter we are having here in Utah...

Actually it's been a beautiful winter, however most of us are looking forward to Spring.  I have been taking workshops and enjoying sketching, doing pen & ink and also watercolor.  The little painting on the side of the blog was influenced by a quote on the LDS Church Instagram feed.  It said
"Think small and simple." 
It struck a chord with me - Not wanting to copy it directly, I looked it up in French...The French language makes everything sound prettier, don't you think? 

"Penser petit et simple"
7" x 5"
Watercolor on 140 lb Arches WC Paper

I was happy to read that Green is the color of the year!  I have no idea who calls the shots on that, but it works for me! 
Thanks for stopping by!

Patricia o x

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