Monday, March 6, 2017

"Scoop" Prompt for Illustration Friday

"Scoop" is the prompt of the week for Illustration Friday.  The most obvious image that comes to mind may be the scoop of ice cream in a cone.  Or perhaps if you are a responsible pet owner, you carry those little plastic bags to scoop you-know-what when your pup needs to pause along your walk together.

I wanted to reach for something a little less obvious, and first thought of a news scoop with an old-time newsboy hawking newspapers.  I researched the clothing they wore and found the newsboy caps are quite in fashion for both boys & girls even now!  I decided to create a "newsgirl" in place of a boy - and instead of knickers, I put her in rolled-up overalls - which I loved to wear years ago. She does sport a newsboy-style hat and some Converse-influenced high tops.

I have posted my thought process, palette choices and the finished image.  I highly recommend checking out Design Seeds at for what they call "Your daily dose of inspiration." The Design Seeds palette I used can be seen in the 2nd photo.

"Get The Latest Scoop"
Watercolor / Pen & Ink
9" x 6" - 140 lb Arches Cold-Press Watercolor Paper

Hope you enjoy this little moment of whimsy!  Feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you!
~  Patricia

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