Thursday, April 20, 2017

Update - Ogden LDS Temple Painting Process

Happily, my client was pleased with the rough colored pencil sketch posted in my last blog entry.  The next step was to coat the canvas with an undertone similar in hue to the Canson Mi-Teintes paper the sketch was on.  The canvas was coated with gesso tinted with burnt sienna and yellow ochre acrylic paint.

I then printed the outlined sketch on three 11" x 17" sheets, taped them together and attached them to the canvas.  Even though I did drawing corrections on the computer, by the time the image was blown up and taped together, there were distortions that needed additional revision with the large T square.  Next step was tracing the temple down with graphite paper and sealing each fine line with clear gesso, so I don't lose the drawing.  I normally do not need to be this accurate, but in painting a building this ornate on such a large canvas, (36" x 24") there is little margin for error.

Below is the beginning of blocking in with a light coating of acrylics. 

Although this is a meticulous process, I am finding it enjoyable.  Each painting is a challenge and a puzzle to be solved. I am happy I did solve many questions in my colored pencil sketch.  However, often along the way, in the process of applying paint, the painting sometimes can surprise me and tell me what it really needs.  ;)

Thank you for stopping by.